david-jacobs-would asked: What is something that David would understand about Jack, that most other people wouldn't?


I think that despite his firm stance on lying, David would understand Jack’s desire to look like he’s got everything together even when things are falling apart.

Because I think he’d have some personal experience with that himself. Like, he wouldn’t necessarily want his family to know when things weren’t going great at school, because he really doesn’t want them to worry about him. (And then when kids are mean to you at school, you also build up this level of untouchable-ness. Because it’s less fun for them if they can’t get a reaction out of you, and dammit they don’t deserve that satisfaction. So then even if what they’re saying actually does get to you, you get real good at not letting it show. David would know a thing or two about maintaining a mask). 

So I think he’d understand more than most why Jack would want to keep up appearances. He doesn’t want the boys worrying about them - he’s their leader. It’s his job to worry about them. And the Refuge would have done to him what those horrible classmates did to David, multiplied by about five billion. 

Given some time, I think David would get pretty good at figuring out when Jack was just being nuisance and genuinely deserved to be scolded, versus when he really just needed someone to play along with his act and keep him out of his head for a while

nobodytoldthehorse asked: Jack & David, break me


Javid angst. Jack’s father is back in the picture, and things aren’t going well.

Trigger warning for brief mentions of the deaths of some background characters.

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my heart is broken. 




You NEEDED Mermen of color on your dash, you just didn’t know it.

no I did

Now my tumblr is perfect.




You NEEDED Mermen of color on your dash, you just didn’t know it.

no I did

Now my tumblr is perfect.

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david-jacobs-would asked: What is something that Jack would understand about Davey that most other people wouldn't?


Jack would really understand Davey’s need to protect his family over himself. It’s a dog eat dog world out there for the newsies, and while I know they care about each other, at the end of the day, they have to make sure that they have enough food for themselves to eat. Davey is the kind of guy who would give all of his food to Les if he knew Les didn’t have enough. Jack understands what it feels like to want to make sure that someone you care about has what they need, even at the cost of your own comfort.

david-jacobs-would asked: Hey Jack, What do you think your dad would think of David, if the two ever met?


Well, I mean, first off, I hope they never meet each other ever, and if you’re planning on arranging a meeting or something I’m really going to have to strongly recommend that you not do that. Really. Please, please don’t.

That being said, my dad…well, he wouldn’t like David very much. He doesn’t like educated people, especially not kids like David who don’t try to hide how educated they are or the fact that they ain’t rich. My old man doesn’t think those go together, being smart but not having any money. It’s not res-pec-ta-ble, not that my old man actually knows anything about respectableness.

My old man’s biggest problem with David would probably be that he would not like that David doesn’t feel the need to be all tough and manly all the time. He wouldn’t like that, and he wouldn’t be very nice about it. So like I said—if you’re planning on introducing the two of them, you might wanna rethink that plan. Cause I don’t care what my old man thinks, but David—I don’t want anyone to let him think that the person he is ain’t, you know, completely perfect, and I think he would take it hard if my old man in particular didn’t like him. Cause David, he has some funny ideas about family. They’re nice ideas, but they don’t always work out in real life.


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"The friendship you see on the screen is largely what we were off the screen."

Max Casella about Newsies 


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anyone who legitimately thinks spot conlon is a tough guy needs to rewatch newsies

i think maybe YOU need to rewatch newsies i think you missed some parts….

Everybody needs to watch newsies again regardless of their opinion on Spot Conlon’s toughness or lack thereof because… Rewarding newsies.

The matter is decided. ;)